How to email us (VERY important)
Make sure and head up each message with a subject line as follows:

ESRM100 "subject" "firstname" "lastname" "studentnumber"

Where "subject" is the subject of your message, "firstname" is your first name, "lastname" is your last name and "studentnumber" is your student number, particularly if you are not using a UW email address to send your message. For instance, if I sent a message to, it might read:

ESRM100 project topic Rob Harrison 8734567

ESRM100 Project Topic Instructions

The project will entail some aspect of Environmental Science. This project must be done individually.

You need to email by the date on the class syllabus.

Your project topic email should contain the following information:

Student Number
Project Type - 1, 2, 3, or 4 (W-Credit)
Any details on the chosen project (if available)