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  Fall, 2015 term
Instructor: Rob Harrison - (BLD 218)
Note: Please contact Rob with grading issues and/or comments about TAs. If a TA has helped you a lot, I'd like to hear it, and if they could do a better job, please also let me know.
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Office Hours: Instructor's Office Hours are by appointment. Email to schedule an appointment.
TAs: Note: Contact TAs for questions about the class, course material and requirements by using
How to email TAs and Instructor - IMPORTANT!!
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Thursday         6:30-8PM - MGH 234 | CLUE Session
Textbook: Botkin, Daniel B., and Edward A. Keller. Essential Environmental Science. Wiley, 2007.
Available at the UW Bookstore, also online from Wiley.
Course Syllabus: Syllabus
About the course:
ESRM100 provides a comprehensive overview of environmental science. By using an "earth systems" approach, students recognize society and the environment as an interrelated system. Environmental issues are examined throughout the course and realistic solutions are investigated. 
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The website is being updated for the Fall, 2014 quarter. click here for the Summer, 2014 website.

Course Overview:
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Students are responsible for:
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3 Lectures per week Lectures in AdobeReader Format (w/audio)
Lectures in Powerpoint Format
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Current Issues Slides Powerpoint Slides
Weekly Readings Reading assignments are posted in the class Syllabus
2 Graded Posts on Class GoPost Gopost Discussion Board Instructions
GoPost Discussion Board
1 Class Project:
  • Option 1: Research paper
  • Option 2: Book Review
  • Option 3: Volunteer Project
  • Option 4: W Credit Paper
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Volunteer Opportunities:
volunteer for ESRM 100
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Final grading: (posted at end of quarter)
You will be receiving emails from me. You are responsible for reading all emails, as I use them to distribute class information. Emails will be archived at: (link to be added soon) so that you can always check for old emails with the link:

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