Question: What is the format of the Exams?  How can I study for Exams 1 and 2? What about makeup exams? 

Answer:  Two exams are scheduled. Exams will include 40 multiple-choice questions.  Scantron sheets will be provided for students to take the exam.  Questions will come from both the reading and the online lectures. The exams are non-cumulative. Exam 1 is on Chapters 1-9 and Exam 2 Chapters 10-19. There will be two essay questions on each exam. You will select one essay question worth 10% of the exam grade. The multiple-choice answers are worth 90% of your exam grade. Grade calculation is as follows:

Score (%) = # correct answers * 2.25 + essay score

So, if you got 30/40 correct on the multiple-choice, and 7/10 on the essay, your grade would be 74.5%. No "curves" are applied on any scores in this class until the final grade calculation is made. Remember also that you can take a makeup for exam1 during exam2 and that the highest score will be used.

Exam1 will be offered on the place, date and time scheduled on the syllabus, and it covers only material from Chapter 1-9. There will be 50 minutes for taking Exam1. Students must show up at the scheduled beginning time to take any of the exams.

Exam2 is offered on the scheduled date for Exam2, but Exam2 and a makeup Exam1 will be offered. Questions 1-40 will cover Exam2 material, and then an optional Exam1 for questions 41-80. There will be 90 minutes total for taking these exams. Students must show up at the scheduled beginning time to take any of the exams. If you take the makeup for exam1, we will use your highest score of the two to calculate your grade.