Question:  How can I "ace" this class?

Answer:  It's easy!  Follow these simple tips, and you can't go wrong.

1.  Keep up. 
The easiest pitfall in a class that is largely internet-based is to fall behind on readings and assignments.  Keep up with the pace that the syllabus sets for you, and you'll find the amount of material and work to be easier to handle.

2.  Use the lecture slides AND the texbook together.
The textbook will cover nearly any particular concept comprehensively, but the lecture slides will help you focus on key concepts, and give you even more "real world" examples.  Pay attention to both, and you won't miss a thing!

3.  Read through the old exam questions.
Did you know that about half of your exam questions will come directly from the exam answers? Also, about the other half will have the exact same format, and cover similar material.  There is no better test preparation method than working through those questions.  Do them as you work through the readings and lecture material, and you're sure to ace the three exams!

4.  Go to the CLUE sessions.
We offer CLUE sessions in Mary Gates Hall. Check out the home page.  These sessions are dedicated to helping you better understand any course concepts that are giving you trouble.  A typical night would involve the discussion of a number of sample exam questions, for example.  The whole session is based on the questions YOU have.  Come prepared to ask questions, and we'll figure out the answers together! Students that have attended these CLUE sessions typically score very well on the exams.

5.  Use your TA's.
Have you ever had a class that offers
office hours for 10+ hours per week?  Well, you have one now, just check out the home page!  Stop by and get help on everything from projects to exam prep.  Can't make it office hours?  No sweat!  You have nearly around the clock access to your TA's via email.  Drop us a line, and we'll get right back to you!

6.  Put extra effort into your discussion posts.
Don't forsake these two assignments, as together they make up 25% of your grade!  Also, two questions on each exam will come from the discussion list. These assignments are easy!  Easy to forget, easy to slack off on...but give them good effort, and they should be easy to ace as well!

7.  Get your project on the right track early.
Read through the instructions today, so that you have a sense for what is expected of you.  Form your project topic early so that you can maximize the amount of time you have to work on your project.  Take advantage of the TA office hours to get the technical know-how you need, as well as help troubleshooting any problems.

8.  Do the Extra Credit.
How about this for a deal...the Extra Credit projects can only INCREASE you final grade. They are fun, have sometimes led to jobs for ESRM100 students, and are almost always healthy exercise. You also get the satisfaction of doing something volunteery and good. Wow...sign me up, TAs!!!!

That's eight steps. Eight may be a lucky number, but if you follow these steps, you won't need luck to ace ESRM100.